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Alloy Radiator for Anglias, Populars & Prefects

Our alloy radiator comes in three-core thickness; the one in the photo shows the thinnest version PBO 0300 which suits Rovers and smaller engines. The heavy-duty version PBO 0300/HD suits small block American V8’s with a thicker core and a special order version PBO 0300/XHD with an even thicker core for big block V8’s. All versions have a 22-mm fan switch built into the lower tank. The standard Ford mounts are duplicated at the base and on the top tank for complete replacement with the standard radiator. All radiators are fitted with the correct hose necks for your engine. Mountings are supplied for a front mounted heavy-duty 13” electric fan PBK 2005/RB which can be fitted at the time of building or added afterwards. The filler neck uses a modern short pressure cap and we stock several options, a chrome hexagonal cap PBO 0006 , chrome round cap PBO 0007 and an alloy topped version with a knurled edge PBO 0005 .
PBO 0300 has a 40-mm x 1 row core, the PBO 0300/HD core measures 50-mm x 3 row and the special extra heavy-duty big block option PBO 0300/XHD has a 65-mm x 4 row core.