Product Profiles

Bear Claw Door Latches

Mini Bear Claw Latches

Our Mini Bear Claw latch kits work best on narrow doors where internal room is limited. Ford Anglia’s, Populars and Model A’s are ideal candidates. The kit PBN 0010 comes with a pair of latches, two strikers and a set of stainless steel 5/16” UNC button head bolts. The strikers have 5/16” UNC threads and Nylock nuts. A 90º lever with 4 5.9mm holes allows for the attachment of actuating rods. The latches measure 28.7mm wide, 63.5mm high and 1.35mm thick and have two ¼” x 20 (UNC) mounting holes. Our latch plates PBN 0012 are laser cut from mild steel and can be welded into your door jam, they are sold in pairs.

Large Bear Claw Latches

All bear claw latches provide an increased degree of safety as the hardened claws wrap round a large headed pin striker. If involved in a collision this system prevents the door being sprung open and is labelled as “anti-burst”, a requirement for SVA testing. Our large bear claws PBN 0020 fit doors with more room and have a double click action. The latch is attached via three 8mm bolts, which pass though the pivot points for extra strength and has a right-angled actuating leaver with two 6.3mm holes 90º apart, ideal for either electrical solenoids or mechanical linkages. The hardened striker has a 7/16 UNC thread.
We can supply a fitting kit PBN 0019/E, which consists of a pair of laser cut plates for welding into your vehicle as well as a set of threaded anchor plates for both the latches and strikers as well as stainless steel bolts. Another kit PBN 0018/F is designed for GRP vehicles having just the anchor plates and bolts.