• Product Profiles

    Steering Column

    PSW 0100/I At long last we have produced a version of our popular stainless steel steering column modified to accept an indicator switch (PBS 1550 – can be supplied fitted at extra cost).The switch is fitted with a green knob on the end, which flashes when the indicators are used. Wiring for the indicators are hidden in the column with an exit hole under the dashboard. The column in the picture is shown fitted with our 2” drop, which works well for early rods such as Model T’s.

  • Product Profiles

    Rear Axle Ladder

    The rear axle ladder bar kit shown left was donated for use on the NSRA 2005 give away car. The ladder bars are made from 7/8” x 3/16” CDS with the 5/8” UNF thread tapped directly into the tube and a laser cut fishplate is added to stiffen the assembly. A bonded rubber, steel lined, bush is fitted into a specially machined mild steel housing and a set of our mild steel clevis and lock nuts used at the axle end. The whole assembly is TIG welded and 10-mm mild steel, laser cut axle bracket is added. A set of our extra long chassis brackets, which allow for trimming to…

  • Product Profiles

    9 Fuse Wiring Kit

    At last we have been able to reintroduce our PBE 1125 wiring kit. We have used British components where possible and are now building them in house. The fuses and relays are mounted in a metal guard, which can be mounted on its back or upright. All the basic circuits such as lights, ignition, wipers and washers, fuel pump, horn, indicators and hazard lamps are catered for. Both electronic Hazard and Flasher units as well as a horn relay are fitted and all circuits have dedicated blade fuses to protect them. We are including a “Maxi Fuse” for the main feed wire as well. Each circuit will have plenty of…

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    Low-Level Hand Brakes

    Introducing our new hand brake bracket PBB 1315 laser-cut from 2.5-mm mild steel, folded and TIG welded to form a strong mounting for the lever as well as a stop for the hand brake cable. As the lever has two alternate clevis pinholes for different ratios there is a slot for the cable allowing perfect alignment. You can use our cable PBJ 2102 and PBJ 2102/XJ if you have a Jaguar IRS.The lever PBB 1310 is as near as I can find to the old Austin Allegro handbrake. It is 270-mm long with a pair of mounting brackets using 9-mm holes on 105-mm centres. It extends approx. 90-mm above the mounts…

  • Product Profiles

    HA Front Hubs

    These Alloy front hubs are designed specifically for the Vauxhall HA Viva 1963-66. They accept the standard bearings & seals, (our kit number PBC 3110) as well as your original brake disks. The wheel bolt pattern is only available as a 4.75” x 5 PCD, Jaguar and Chevrolet and uses ½” UNF studs. This allows for a large choice in after market wheels. Our design keeps the wheel flange in exactly the same place as the original hub. They are sold in pairs and weight 1520 grams each.

  • Rover Conversions

    Rover Conversion to Chevrolet Valve Covers

    Once the standard rocker covers are removed, plug the holes shown in the photo (1) below with clean rags to prevent foreign bodies falling into the lifter valley. You don’t want to have to remove the carburettor and inlet manifold just to retrieve a piece of old gasket do you? Clean the gasket surfaces up and trial fit our adapter plates. Two of the black countersunk retaining screws need to be relieved to clear the tapped holes used to secure the Chevrolet valve covers. Tighten the plate down and use a felt tip or scriber to mark the screw (2): I use a Dremel or a file to cut the…