Product Profiles

Four Bar Rear Suspension

Our 4 bar kit consists of 4 adjustable bars, up to 36” long, produced in 7/8” O.D. CDS thick wall tubing & TIG welded. Boxed laser cut axle & chassis brackets; high tensile bolts and nylock nuts are also included. Also shown is our Panhard rod kit with front mounting axle bracket. This allows the rod to cross the nose of the differential keeping the rear of the axle clear and using up dead space. We can supply any length. A pair of our rear axle damper brackets are also shown. Again laser cut plates are TIG welded together and high tensile cap head bolts with safety washers and damper spacers are supplied. There is a choice of three damper positions. We can supply top damper bolts also shown and cross members to mount the dampers (not shown).